A non digital creative outlet using different materials on canvas.

All That Talk

Acrylics, Resin, Paint Effect

This abstract painting reflects that there can be a lot of noise around us often times. However, it is our ability to comprehend and shine through.

all that talk

Something Abstract

Oil, Acrylics, Gold Paste

Sandstorm In Nevada


When the weather in Death Valley suddenly turns and you find yourself in a sandstorm. The sun setting. Those are views to die for.

Secluded Ruins


Inspired by the picturesque hike in the Central Otago valley in New Zealand.
Ruins of a left behind gold mining site.

Mt. Cook (NZ)


Imagine driving on an open road, a huge almost turquoise lake to your right, when you turn a corner Mt. Cook in front shows up from the distance and  simply captivates you.

Split Apple Rock