May 27, 2023| Event, Digital

Austrian World SummitSustainable Websites

The Austrian World Summit is an annual climate conference, with a broad global viewership, that connects influential voices and presents concrete solutions.

This year I had the privilege to attend the conference and listen to inspiring speeches by host Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as other international speakers.

‘We Have The Power’ – this year’s theme of the Austrian World Summit made me think about sustainability in the field of digital design.

Everyday we can take part in promoting sustainable practices and restoring the natural balance of our planet. Taking action towards a more sustainable future should also be considered when creating digital products. There are various steps you can take to deliver a more sustainable web project.

Did you know that currently the global internet usage makes up about 3,8% of global CO2 emissions?*

Energy efficiency

In order to build a sustainable website it is crucial to pay attention to the energy consumption when loading and using the website. Reducing the amount of energy that is required to do so can be achieved by taking multiple steps:

  • optimizing images and videos
  • using efficient code
  • minimizing the use of third-party scripts and plugins, and
  • designing for accessibility and usability


Hosting services

The daily use of the internet might make one forget that in the background there actually is loads of data being transmitted around the world, which leads to energy consumption. For that reason consider selecting a hosting provider/ data center that is as close as possible to your potential user base. That way you are shortening the distance that large files travel through networks to reach individual users.

Furthermore, choose a provider that is dedicated to utilizing sustainable energy sources and has a robust policy regarding the environment.


Considering implementation of sustainable web design and development not only benefits the environment, but it can also improve overall user experience, website performance, and ultimately lead to cost savings.