February 6, 2021| Branding, Event

Super Bowl Commercials 2021

It’s already been one year?! And what a year it has been! Nevertheless, Super Bowl 55 is knocking on our doors, and we could not be any happier having this super event take place, in these uncertain times.

After an exciting, as well as difficult season we are awaiting the Kansas City Chiefs with star QB Mahomes vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with (some call him legendary) QB Brady.

Fun Fact: It’s the first time in the NFL’s history for a team to have a home game- since the event will take place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. (You better watch out for a massive pirate ship!)

© Raymond James Stadium

Even though the stadium could fit ~75,000 spectators due to the pandemic only 22,000 fans will be able to make their way into the stadium. Without a doubt broadcasting and online streaming will come to full effect expecting 100million people in the US alone.


This year’s costs for a 30 second Super Bowl ad are no surprise at all. CBS opened the bidding at $5.6 million, same as FOX did last year.
Given the pandemic however, companies have been hesitant to buy one of the slots and some of the biggest brands, that would never miss out on a chance to advertise their products to such a broad audience have decided to take themselves out of the run. Therefore, ad spots didn’t sell out until mid January; Compared to last year they were already in November right after the bidding started. Some could even make a ‘deal’ by paying $5.5million.

Of course, you will still see a number of big brands not shying away from creating/ sending ads that are carefully playing with emotions or their fun factor.

We’ll see what the verdict will be, so far these are some of my favorites.

DORITOS – Flat Matthew
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

AMAZON – Alexa’s Body
Agency: Lucky Generals

BUDLIGHT – Legends
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

SQUARESPACE – 5 to 9 by Dolly Parton