December 20, 2018| Branding

The Art Of Introduction

Make your business cards stand out

Networking and making connections is essential in every area of our social life. Even though it might not be face to face all the time these days, you definitely want to make the most out of your “direct contact approach”. This is especially important when you want to make your first impression count. A handshake can be forgotten quite easily, not so much a unique business card with your contact information that will appear in someone’s purse later on.

Make a memorable introduction with your business cards!

A business card is not just a simple piece of paper with your contact details on them, but a representation of your brand your business, respectively. Hence, hiring a professional, who understands your brand values/ identity and is aware of the various print options is important. This way those values get translated on your business cards. The possibilities regarding design and print process are very broad, so it’s best to invest your money once, and wisely.

Did you know?

Back in the 17th century “business cards” or better so-called “visiting-cards” were used by the aristocracy when attending an event. In order to praise the arrival of the guest such cards were handed over to the servants to get introduced.

Later on those cards were essential for anyone of the upper class to bring to every household they would visit. Vice-versa they were collected from those visiting.

Another form of business cards that was used, particularly in London, during this period were “trade cards”.  Such trade cards were usually a form of business advertisement that included a map and directions. A pretty clever way to promote your business, considering systematic street names and numbers haven’t been quite developed back then. Those cards were often printed with woodcut or letterpress (something we can’t get enough of nowadays).

During the Industrial Revolution it became essential for the rising middle class to exchange contact information (on plain, heavy paper & with clear lettering), which can be seen as a combination of visiting and trade cards- a first version of our modern business cards today.

To sum up, investing in the design and quality of your business cards is essential in order to impress your opposite and stay relevant.


  • With business cards you can make your (first) impression count
  • They are very effective direct marketing tools
  • Their design & quality can be unique – and make you stand out
  • Business cards show that you are prepared
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