Alto, located in East Austin, is a 110,000 SF Class A creative office space.

SERVICES Web Design, Icon Design, Illustration

Before I had the opportunity to get ‘my hands on’ creating a web design, CO OP already came up with a fantastic bold overall concept and brand for their client’s new office space–Alto–located in East Austin, Texas.

The challenge for me was to bring their brand work to life in the digital space, which meant creating a web design that is something you have not seen before. Expanding upon the impactful logo and vibrant color palette, this web design project incorporates various interactive elements and strategically placed animations to embrace the forward-thinking possibilities presented by the office space.

The Goal

An interactive experience that showcases the potential of the office providing users with opportunities to discover the unique features of the space.

Interactive Map & Illustrations

The interactive map provides a comprehensive view of points of interest and transportation options available around the office building, allowing users to explore nearby restaurants & bars, bus stops, train stations, and bike-sharing locations.