COOPH – cooperative of photography

“COOPH endeavours to support photographers in breaking creative boundaries.”

Moreover, COOPH is also active in the photographer’s community, promoting and inspiring photographers all over the world. Check out the online magazine for articles and the youtube channel for tips and tricks.

At zooom I took over a lot of tasks including the creation of digital media assets for various platforms, print assets, as well as packaging and t-shirt designs, developing new concepts for shootings (like the one you see below) and promotional material.

XMAS – 24 days of gifting

Finding the perfect gift is not always easy. Besides, we all know how stressful the special time of the year can be. We created and ran a xmas promotion for COOPH in order to get potential customers interested in the products and push our sale.

Hence, we did a shooting in our photo studio and I prepared all graphic materials and animations for various digital media platforms. Finally, we could promote different offers each day, from the beginning of December until x-mas day and further.

Regular social media design assets

Staying up-to date and being present in the customer’s mind is the ultimate goal to stay connected and build a proper relationship. Moreover it is important to inspire him with valuable content and inform him about new products.

Therefore I regularly created media design assets for our webshop, facebook, twitter, instagram and email.

Earth Day Infographic

Breaking down a lot of information to the most essential can be quite tricky. Nevertheless, it was an extremely important task to visualize the efforts Cooph is taking during the manufacturing process, to the customers.


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