Farm To Table Market

Farm To Table Market is a grocery store and deli in Vancouver, CA

SERVICES Web & E-Commerce Design, Merchandise, Vehicle Wrap
CLIENT Farm To Table Market
LOCATION Vancouver, BC, Canada

Farm To Table Market is a well-known market, with two locations in Vancouver, CA for all sorts of your daily needs, fresh prepared food, and specialty products.

Web Design – Online Shop

Ordering comfortably from home has also taken over the world of grocery shopping. It’s a convenient way to have your food delivered, when you can’t or don’t want to make it to the store yourself.

The e-commerce design had to be simple and easy to navigate, especially given the large selection of categories / products.

T-Shirts & Grocery Bag

Given the new web presence there could not be a better way than to also promote the online shop via special branded marketing tools, such as T-Shirts and Grocery Bags.

Vehicle Wrap

To expand brand awareness the next step was to get a vehicle wrap for their delivery van. A very cost effective method for advertising, driving around all over town.
The message had to be kept simple, easily readable and understandable, and visually instantly recognizable.