JR Group

JR Group pursues business in Infrastructure, Technology, Biomedical and Nanotech

SERVICES Web Design, Illustration, Web Development

WEBSITE jrgroup.com
LOCATION Vancouver, BC, Canada

The CEO of JR Group, a Canadian company, approached me to redesign their company’s visual communication design, including business cards, stationery and redesigning the website, as well as developing it.

Business Cards

In general their business cards were quite nicely executed but together with the client, we decided to go for a bolder look while keeping a modern, clean and future/technical orientated design. Hence, coloured edges, UV spot on the logo and a balance of white space.

Web Design & Web Development

The company made a good call on deciding to redesign the website, in order to use their brand appearance accordingly and offer users a better experience with a more organized content structure and easier navigation.