KTM – RC Range 2017 Folder

I had the pleasure to create the new folder for the KTM RC Range 2017.
Feeling very privileged to have gotten this task, right from the start. 
Get yourself a copy! 😉


The annual KTM Powerday is a promotion to gear up for the season ahead, which is held during the winter months (mainly December).
Therefore, the briefing was to come up with a concept idea to promote this event by including a Christmas theme. The challenge was to give a christmas feeling but not in a traditional way, but the KTM style.
KTM approached KISKA with the briefing to create a KTM New Year Promotion Kit, that included advertising, posters, post its and a dealer shop hanger.
ktm booklet front
ktm booklet inlay
ktm booklet inlay2
ktm new year ad
ktm new year ad 2 bike
ktm power days add a4
ktm power days ad

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