Life MD

A new personal healthcare experience within the US that allows to connect with your medical care team 24/7.

SERVICES Web Design, UI/UX Design, Product Design, Icon Design, Illustrations
COLLAB Upstory

I was approached by Upstory to collaborate on a new brand of their client to help creating an innovative and user-centric online platform:

Life MD – Telehealth Platform

The objective was to develop a visually appealing and intuitive platform that seamlessly connects a Life MD member with the Life MD clinical care team.

The Goal

By prioritizing a user-centered design & experience, streamlined appointment booking, secure communication, and accessibility, the website will establish itself as a trusted and reliable destination for remote medical consultations. The overarching goal is to revolutionize the way healthcare services are delivered in the digital age.

Overall my work involved strategizing on concept development & functionalities, UI/UX design, icon design, illustrations, and landing page design for the application.

The Flow

Icons & Illustrations

Creating a comprehensive set of customized icons & illustrations was inevitable to guarantee UI/UX success, based on a cohesive look as well as simplicity in recognition as descriptor.