Little Ranger

Restaurant & Lodging Concept

SERVICESBranding, Web Design, Merchandise
CLIENTLittle Ranger
TYPE Concept

The idea of the concept behind “Little Ranger” is to escape into a world that lets you drift off into scenic landscapes, pine tree scents, and appreciation of our surroundings, for just an evening or weekend escape.

Little Ranger – Restaurant & Lodging

A long time dream of mine has always been to own a restaurant and create it’s branding, design all around respectively. I haven’t been able to bring it to life (yet) but couldn’t resist the urge to create it’s branding and put my business idea to ‘paper’.

Little Ranger Steakhouse

Is more than an ‘ordinary’ steakhouse – it is an ultimate restaurant experience, that puts you on a fun, and culinary journey. The restaurant is supposed to be located somewhere a bit outside of a city in a forest surrounding- that’s easily accessible. (Striving for partnerships with local on-demand companies, like Lyft.)  The interior is supposed to be rather rustic, with a lot of wooden elements and camping, nature like accents.

The steakhouse is a culinary intersection of high-quality and comfort. The cuisine features top-shelf, inventive cocktails, prime meat, specialized in steak.
The restaurant is separated in different ‘areas’, whether you’re looking for a more romantic ‘under the stars’ or adventure based (axe throwing games and similar) atmosphere.


Little Ranger Lodging

Little Ranger is also supposed to expand in the hospitality business, offering to rent cabins be it for the pure pleasure of getaway or for your outdoor adventure. Ideally the lodging is located close to a Little Ranger steakhouse and surrounded by outdoor activities.