Museum Ticket App

UI Design Museum Ticket App and Dashboard Concept.

SERVICES Web Design, App Design
TYPE Concept

The creation of this ticket app concept came from a combination of personal experiences and observations during researching and planning recent trips to various cities.

While navigating the sights to see and organizing a little timeline for the trip, booking tickets in advance was inevitable. However, a lot of ticketing systems to museums, in particular, raised common pain points for the user experience, for example ticket selection, payment process and even ticket downloading options.

This sparked the challenge to create a museum app concept that streamlines the ticket purchase process to make it more user friendly and efficient.

Mobile App

A museum’s mobile experience and app offers a unique way for the user to visit the museum, stay up-to-date with new happenings and even navigate through the museum.

Dashboard View

The desktop version of the app allows for an easy navigation and personalized (shopping) experience of the museum. It makes possible to tailor offers or event suggestions for people who are interested in the museum website via computer devices.

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