UniSystems Engineering

Uni-Systems Engineering is a multidisciplinary team that designs and supplies custom mechanization systems for projects throughout the US and around the world

SERVICES Web Design, Branding, Web Development

LOCATION Minneapolis, MN, USA

Working together with Minneapolis based agency E10, I had the opportunity to work on their client’s rebrand for

Uni-Systems Engineering

The company Uni-Systems specializes in providing custom, project-specific solutions to complex and unprecedented engineering challenges for various iconic structures, like the AT&T stadium, and attractions e.g. The Kennedy Space Center.

I had the great opportunity to help strategizing on the new logo wordmark, select colors, create stationery as well as design & develop their new website to take the brand to the next level.

Uni-Systems Website

Website redesign

For the website redesign it was pivotal to focus on capturing the new brand identity and translating its new look and feel to the visual appearance. In order to guarantee a better user experience the site structure was completely revised so that navigating through the site is easy and flows effortlessly.
Adding architectural geometric forms, and little animations go hand in hand with the new brand style and visualizes the company’s service features.