Zell am See

Pitch for the official tourism region of Zell am See

SERVICES Ad Campaign
COLLAB Zooom productions

While other agencies were already working on their ideas for at least a month, zooom joined the competition late in the game. Challenge accepted!

(Spoiler: We won the account!)

Next to our senior graphic designer, I also was appointed to this project from the start. In the briefing we were asked to come up for and advertising campaign that could run throughout a whole year. The difficult aspect about it was that they wanted to have all their offers covered in the ads, as well as all target groups being addressed.

I came up with the following idea on my own, that I proposed within the team, which then got chosen to develop further and was presented to the client. 


Idea: A journey for the senses

As the headline already gives away – holidays in Zell am See are a journey for the senses. The main idea for this proposal was to focus on all the experiences this region has to offer, which in the end translate to your senses.

hear: Follow the call of the mountains
see: Follow the colours of culture
taste: Follow the flavours of the alps
feel: Follow the heartbeat of your adventure
smell: Follow the versatile air of nature

It was necessary to find the right imagery to translate the different slogans, which in the end should grab the potential travellers attentions and relate to whatever their interest is.

Side note: In order to match the whole graphic layout I also redesigned their existing logo. The new form of the logo looks like a speech bubble, which is not directly some kind of sense, but definitely pulls you into the fascinating and adventurous world of Zell am See.

Idea: Create your moments

Come to Zell am See – Create your moments

This advertising campaign is supposed to transfer you into a whole new world. How? By showing you the fascinating places, adventures and experiences  Zell am See has to offer. It is a region that has everything for everyone from everywhere. Live in the present, make every day your day and do the things you love to do, so get there and create your moments.

To support this message design wise it needed a very specific look of imagery that is seen throughout the whole campaign – a dreamy, picturesque, imaginary look. Moreover, this kind of imagery also translates to the imaginative future and the ‘blurry’ past, of your moments.
The multiplied overlay effect not only highlights the slogan, but also with it’s arrow shape points down to the logo and reminds you that Zell am See is the place you want to go to create your moments.