April 21, 2021| Branding

E-Mail Marketing  A Successful Tool

Especially over the course of the last year, with everything transitioning to the digital world even more- due to social distancing, remote work and lockdowns- getting your customer’s attention via online media has become pivotal for almost any business.

To highlight the use/frequency of email marketing, in 2020 alone around 306 billion emails were sent and received every day worldwide. (Statista, 2021) Furthermore, an interesting trend developed, with 43% of emails being opened via mobile device, whereas desktop email client use has declined by 18%.

Advantages of Email Marketing
  • Cost Effective
  • Access to Customers 24h, 365 Days
  • Available to Any Business

Grow your business and keep your users involved

Via email marketing you can either:

    • Acquire new customers
      The visitor of your website might be generally interested and curious to connect with your brand. A good way to attract them further is by offering a tip, a discount, an e-book etc. with their (first) welcome mail.
    • Involve, inform your current base
      Be strategic about the amount of emails and their content value.
      If it makes sense for your business use an occasion, like holiday promotions to send out an email- the subscriber might even count on it!

Personalized Emails

If you collect additional personal information other than the email address you can make use of it by personalizing your email. This can be as simple as in the greeting or subject line.
This will have an impact on how you communicate with the user, so he feels directly approached and cared for.

Interactive Emails

Emails, such as that include videos, gifs, are much more likely to be viewed, scrolled to the bottom and clicked.

Abandoned Cart Emails

It happens so often that people (you might be catching yourself now – I know I do!) want to buy something in your online store, but stop before going through with the final step of the actual purchase.
Keep in mind there is a fine line though between sending out a ‘reminder’ or ‘pushing too hard’.

Overall the designs vary from business to business and same concepts are working as before.

Email Trends (for 2021)
  • Big, Bold Typography
  • Gradients
  • Emotional Design
  • Textured or 3D Illustrations/ Animated Illustrations
  • Monochrome Layouts
  • Modern ‘Chaotic’ Layouts


Last, but not least always optimize the emails for mobile use!

Do you need help with E-Mail Designs?