Life science office space in Boston, Boston Landing.

SERVICES Web Design, Icon Design, Brochure, Construction Panels

Working together again with CO OP, they developed a brand and brand story that combines the life sciences with the sportive motive that characterizes the neighbourhood.

A strong and bold brand with fresh colors enables the creation of a powerful and vibrant digital design embracing futuristic thinking and development. All necessary elements that this very space ‘Forum’ provides to achieve this vision.

The Goal

Creating a webdesign, brochure and construction panels that build up on the energy and movement of the brand while showcasing the facilities that this particular office space has to offer.


Icon design becomes particularly beneficial when there is a significant amount of copy that needs to be put on the website and brochure. By incorporating unique and meaningful icons the content and its information can be easier processed. Therefore I created an icon set for this project that would help to visually guide the user through key information, locate specific features and streamline the content.


The goal for the website was to build on the brand’s powerfulness and movement, using bold typography, large images, and moving elements. Picking up on the logo, reusing shapes and various radii, overlaying effects and animated blocks.


Construction Panels

Construction panels serve as powerful communication tools that can effectively convey key messages to the target audience on large display. For Forum the construction panels were supposed to be placed around the construction site and would also be seen from the highway- a high-traffic area.